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Are Slot Machines Honest ?

The common presumption regarding Slots machines is that they function according to random generation of the machines. Any player can therefore be a winner at any time. Win mainly depends on your skill and employment of different game odds and strategies. Hence, Slots machines cannot ever refuse occurrence of any winning combination.

Different regulatory authorities and agencies conduct independent surveys of Slots machines. This is to protect players from any rigging of machines and ensure correct payouts. The underlying question here is the effectiveness of these regulatory checks.

How far do these checks determine and locate any discrepancies, if existing?

Four American states - Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, and New Jersey have their individual testing facilities for their electronic Slots machines. All other states offering legalized gambling rely on Gaming Labs International. This is an independent testing firm.

All Slots machines have computer chips within. These function randomly and deliver any results in a game. Although this is what they essentially should do, in reality it is not so. Most computer chips have in-built programs. These programs have specific features within. One of these features is a near-miss option. This feature does not affect the playing odds or the game odds of your Slots game.

Nevertheless, it does not allow formation of a winning combination too. The miss is so minute that you feel that you just missed the winning combination. This lures you in following your strategies and employing further deviations from the earlier strategies with the hope that this time you are sure to win.

Machine manufacturers or programmers install such features knowingly. This is a tactic to keep the players on the machines for a longer time. This proves beneficial to the casino. However, this is a case of cheating by the casino.

Another feature is to install such mechanism on dollar machines. Hence, players tend to fall into the trap by the casinos. They spend longer times at such dollar machines doling out lots of money. In the end, they do not ever win the accurate combination. Instead, the casino owner is laughing all the way to his bank.

Responsibilities of Regulatory Agencies

Although Gaming control has the responsibility of ensuring fair game play, yet most regulations of the Gaming control are not in force. Many employees overlook the errors or near-miss features in Slots machines while on their routine checks. Sometimes, regulatory agencies ask them to do so. Gaming control employees have to approve the slots machines as being in perfect condition.

Some casinos undertake the responsibility of programming their machines and computer chips in accordance with the regulations of the Gaming council. When confronted with the near miss feature easily prevalent in almost every Slots machine, Company officials do not undertake any responsibility and wash their hands-off the matter. They argue that Slots machines are according to the laws and regulations of the Gaming board. They refuse to clarify implicitly if such a feature is available within the game regulations.

Casinos can undertake different technical variations in their machines if they offer a minimum of 75% payout in their Slots games. This gives a free hand to the casinos to implement their own rules or make changes in the existing rules and laws. Therefore, it puts a question mark about the reliability on the slots machines about whether their payout is true or is it manipulated.

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